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Although chassis is where our passion as a company lies, this is by no means all we do or can supply.


On a local level we provide welding, fabrication, machining and repair services to the smallest of garages and to the largest of engineering and manufacturing firms, and are able to because of our flexibility, experience and skill sets. 


Whether it be a corrosion damaged cylinder head that needs refurbishing or the fabrication of a part  holding up a large production line, within our fully equipped workshop over 2 floors, every job gets our full and immediate attention. 

 Welding and fabrication 


 Lorch V50 300 amp AC/DC Tig

Bridgeport with anilam cnc controller

Bridgeport with DRO 

 Thermal arc plasma cutter

Colchester C/lathe with DRO

 Oxy & Acetylene with gas fluxer

Ward 2 DB with DRO

 Edward 1200 guillotine

2" capacity large pillar drill

 Edwards 1200 box & pan


 1000mm slip rolls


 Starret bandsaw


 300mm Mac cold saw


 English wheel


 Deep throat swagger




 Tube bending to 32mm T45

 44mm Aluminium (annealed)



So in summary we do:-


Tig welding, any thickness in aluminium, stainless steel mild steel and bronze


Oxy & acetylene, Brazing and silver soldering


Fabrication in aluminium, st/steel and mild steel


Capstan work, up to 44mm


Centre lathe work, 54mm x 600mm or 320mm x 100mm


Milling, aluminium only


Drilling, 32mm steel, 50mm aluminium


Tube bending

In addition to our own capacity, due to our unique relationships with some of our larger customers we are also able to help source parts and services on the rare occasions we cannot help directly.