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Derby Road & Race

Racing Is Life


Alan Whitton DRR pre 65 trials James

Which has been ridden by Kevin Schwantz




Alan Wheatcrofts heavily modified Suzuki X7



Peter Ecceles DRS Drixton Honda replica





A pair of Jedi. Both came in for exhaust work, Sorry chaps can't remember your names!






Mick Andrews with his old works bike





My sadly departed friend Rob's beloved ZXR 400





Dave Camm arriving for his twin down tube Cheney replicas and the rotary Norton with its twin filler tank






The beautiful Aston Martin DB4 Zagato 'Barchetta'

A unique one off car so good Aston Martin allowed its badge to be used on it. I made the fuel tank, the seat frames and the rear axle, plus a few bits and bobs. 



Contact Details





On here I will try to keep you up to date when we are starting any new frame or tank batches and also I'll post pictures of customer’s bikes or cars.

Please feel free to send me your snaps if I have done work for you.

Update 21/08/18

I am just starting another batch of Bantam chassis. They will be £1395 and £325 for a tank.

As before contact myself or Alan Whitton, alanwhitton@hotmail.com  Some newer photos here


I have stopped doing the TY coffin and banjo tanks now and am doing a new one which will fit the 125 175 and 250

Pictures available here.


They are £325 plus postage. I put the odd one on ebay but obviously they will be more expensive on there.

The OW10 tank is still available at £425

The TZ project has been shelved, zero interest.

I have made a pair of Wicks TZ 250's you can see the photos here.


See what you could have won!

Update 29/05/15

My apologies for the slow updates


I have now made 25 lightweight Bantam chassis and am just about to start a new batch in June.

There is currently 10 ordered but I am planning on making 15.

These as the last ones have the bottom rails making them eligible for the Scottish trial.

For more information contact myself or Alan Whitton alanwhitton@hotmail.com

Follow this link to view pictures of the Bantam chassis and tank


If you wish for more pictures of other chassis or tanks use the email me button and I will send you a link to my Drive folder

My Race Bike

With thanks to from the left

Mike Patterson, engine builder, tyre man & thoroughly top bloke

The late great Brian Birks who took her to its maiden victories

Lisa Morton, Brian's far better half

Some blind bloke