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Derby Road & Race

Racing Is Life


As said on the home page we are located within the World Heritage site of Darley Abbey Mills, Part of the DerwentValley Mills corridor running from Derby to Matlock.


Transport connections were as important during the industrial revolution as they are today, and as such we are very handily placed with easy access to both the A38 and the A52.


We feel it is a perfect setting for our company due to its work with classic racing motorcycles and cars from times gone by.

Prior to forming Derby Road & Race in 2003, I had spent 15 or so years working for my fathers motorcycle engineering business learning to weld, braze and fabricate, plus the skills of milling and turning.

But times were changing in the racing world, with the rise in production racing the market for frame builders was shrinking fast. The company had to diversify and a move into stainless steel food industry equipment was well suited as attention to quality, detail and safety is also very important in this field of work. The motor sport stayed with us, just smaller.

Over the following years we were getting a growing number of enquires about classic chassis and by 2002 I decided this was the path I wished to follow, So I, with my house re-mortgaged to the hilt, with my fathers blessing and a small part of his knowledge, left.

The workshop I took on in the mills was a complete mess. I spent 9 long months and most of my savings getting it to standard I could work from and invite customers in.

Since then we have been slowly growing year on year adding new customers far and wide, entirely from word of mouth. To this day (06/02/13) we have never had paid advertising anywhere. Not bad for a company entering its 10th year in business!


As a foot note,

My fathers business is still going strong with rail contracts, food industry work and of course motor sport with my younger brother Andrew helping to manage the firm.