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Extra capacity James tank

Honda race tank

DB4 Zagato 'Barchetta' tank

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Yamaha 'OW10 works' Majesty replica tanks

and a standard James

Yamaha OW10 'works' Majesty pattern of an original tank

Aluminium Ossa tank

More examples on the

The majority of the motorcycle fuel tanks we make are for classic trials, with 2 types of James tank, 3 types of Yamaha TY Majesty tank, a Greeves tank with either a 2" or 2.5" Monza cap and an Ossa tank.


We also make tanks in low volumes or as a one off for many other bikes from 50cc classic racers to Street-fighter specials.


These and all our bike tanks are hand formed and English wheeled to produce smooth dent free surfaces, and where 2 top halves are joined they are Tig welded inside and out, then the weld wheeled out, never ground out! This results in a far superior tank that is less likely to fail. The bases are then double welded in to ensure full penetration, and all tanks come ready to polish or paint.



In addition to bike tanks, we also produce Aston Martin DB4, DB5, DB6 and the very rare DB Volante and Shooting Brake twin tanks, for a major Heritage badged, Aston Martin specialist restorer.


We also make tanks for a well respected kit car manufacturer, and many other one offs and replicas have been produced over the years.